About us

We at South Coast Inns are dedicated to giving you a relaxing stay.

Our company, South Coast Inns, is the latest descendant of a company that stretches back generations. The origin of our love for the hospitality trade was the small pub in Worthing called The Montague.

Run by the parents of and later by our Managing Directors Chris and Delia Chapman, the Montague saw nearly 50 years of success as a haven for those wanting classic British comfort with farm-fresh cuisine and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our Managing Directors took those ideals and values and began their own company which over the years included in its portfolio historic hotels, notorious nightclubs and prosperous pubs.

Now with new generations at the helm, South Coast Inns is building on its long heritage and expanding again. We have listened to our customers and understand they don’t want the generic and unremarkable.

That is why are so very proud to offer our latest quintessentially British destination hotels and inns.

Our Coaching Inns are the focal points of the communities. We aim to provide you with an attentive, polite, professional and friendly service, from the moment you arrive to when you check out. As a guest can expect individually designed rooms, a fantastic location and that will work hard to do our best for you.

Chefs at each Inn work with local producers to create beautifully cooked classic meals, including mouth-watering sweets. So why not visit us and experience affordable luxury.